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Adult Baby sex RealDoll – Siumi Le Chic

Suimi Le Chic is a Love Sex Silicon Real Doll, Nanny Luna’s AB best friend forever (BFF) !

Adult baby sex Realdoll Suimi likes having playmates to visit her and regress with her. She likes to wear adult baby diapers, suck on a pacifier, play dollies, and be looked after her ” BFF ” Nanny Luna.

Siumi Le Chic lives in Nanny Luna’s Nursery and she sleeps in an adult big sized cot – crib and loves regressing back to an infant-like state, having her nappy changed on top of the changing table.

Adult Baby sex RealDoll has her own collection of tailor-made baby girl dresses and plastic romper suits, adult baby panties, frilly knickers and ballerina tutus. Siumi ABDL girl likes to age-play all day and loves the feeling of being diapered with a fresh disposable diaper!

Adult Baby Real Doll Siumi also wears knickers but often she wets her pretty panties then she has to be put back in diapers where she belongs. She is always ready for bed diaper time, and she loves having accidents and being nappy changed and baby powdered. But what she most likes is that adult baby boys come to play naughty things with her while Nanny is watching  and looking after them, as well as having her pussy licked for AB boys and have fun with their little willies.

She sucks her pacifiers day and night and she likes to replace it only by her adult baby bottle or for a nice naughty willy for her little mouth !

She also likes Diaper Lovers because DLs can be often older than her and they teach naughty things to her, new sexy techniques of how to touch her clit and to play with sex toys.

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Adult Baby sex RealDoll