Petticoat Discipline

Petticoat Discipline – Pinafore Erotism

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Training an Adult Sissy Girl

Nanny Luna finds that the most effective way of dealing with male arrogance and disobedience is recurring to petticoat punishment.

Petticoat discipline involves dressing up naughty boys orĀ  straight males in girlish dresses or baby girl’s clothes with satin panties and frilly knickers, is the right way to put boys in their place.

As a female Dominatrix and Adult disciplinarian, I believe thatĀ immature and troublesome males can become good girls, docile and respectful to females when receiving strict petticoat – pinafore treatment.

Putting boys in fanciful clothing, with an abundance of satin, bows, frills, lace and petticoats is used as a corrective punishment, it would help him to be a good obedient submissive sissy boyfriend or husband.

I am totally convinced that dressing up men in girly clothes obviously have an excellent effect when it comes to controlling and taming the young male.

I believe that the use of chastity devices and petticoating training will give your adult sissy girl a symbol of female authority as I appreciate the joy, and pleasure of commanding boys, and being obeyed and pleased.

A willing adult sissy girl is someone aware that femininity is much more fun than playing out with boys. An adult sissy girl is always wearing little girl’s dresses and printed diapers, and she will never be allowed to grow up.

Training sissy babies is my specialty, it brings together sissification into the adult baby scene. It is a combination of adult babysitting and sissy cross-dressing with female domination.

Adult sissy girls get forced or encouraged to wear pink dresses, lots of frills, petticoats, tutu skirts, rumba panties, Mary Jane’s shoes, satin nighties, and girlie printed diapers.