Diaper Dominance

Effectiveness of Diaper Dominance

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The main purpose of diaper dominance is to discomfort and embarrassment of the punished. To humiliate through the use of padded diapers, or traditional nappies and the crinkly sound of plastic pants.

Diaper dominance is almost always against the Submissive’s will, then usually happens that he can be gagged – restricted – bounded – double diapered – forced to wet – and even forced to mess.

The psychological process of diaper dominance is to gain total control over the diapered Sub, to ensure discipline and well behave through the use of drastic measures such as enforce to wear a pair of locking rubber pants or diaper bondage to restrict mobility – self stimulation and possible leaks.

Sometimes to obtain full control of the diapered, Nanny uses invasive devices such as dildos or butt plugs to penetrate and humiliate Adult Baby males and keep them forcibly confined in their diapers. To transform them in her little sissy play pets throughout of emasculation and sissification.

Diaper dominance is a very much a Tender Loving Care Nanny’s punishment, which does not involves any kind of corporal striking but has an effective changing behavior on submissive males for the better.

Dominant nannies may increase the punishment by pulling down adult baby’s pants or lifting sissies’s skirts and then lower panties to inspect nappies and see if it has been wet. Also inspection of the their intimate parts may be quite embarrassing, as well as insertion of gloved fingers if it is any sign of erection to deprive possible premature orgasm and ruin it !

Spanking and bare bottom spanking after the wetting is another effective alternative punishment for the submissive.

Sometimes the submissive can be gradually promoted if sings of good behavior are spotted, by letting wear little girl panties, brief panties or male underwear.