Age Play Mistress

Age Play Mistress Luna

 Mistress Luna is  open for business !

I am a Nanny Mistress, it means that I enjoy delivering Age Play Mistress sessions, adult baby role play by a sadistic or sensual Mistress. A combination of BDSM activities mixed with Adult Baby Diaper Lover discipline.

Being an Adult baby and wanting to be dominated as well as being diapered or forcefully transformed into a little sissy girl, trapped in adult baby sissy prissy dress, and forced into AB sissy training.

Or being a Diaper Lover feeling the needs of being diapered, and dragged to the Dungeon for S&M discipline, experiencing from mummification – bondage play – electro stimulation – strap-on play and an endless list of fetish and BDSM activities.

As an Age Play Mistress what I most enjoy are types of traditional roles, such playing as a AB Rubber Nurse, Strict Governess, Loving nurturing Mommy,  Extreme disciplinarian, Naughty Babysitter, AB playmate, Sensual Auntie, AB Head Mistress and AB Dominatrix.

Erotic Age Play Mistress

Sometimes while I engage  in the consensual age play Mistress fantasy, I like to add in a bit of intimate male genital touching – stroking adult baby males genitals to the arousal state.

This corrupted masturbation scenes enhance the interaction and power exchange between innocent adult baby males and a naughty Age Play Mistress and makes the interaction more playful as well as erotic.

Lactation bedroom play and breast feeding with an Age Play Mistress is the most maternal role play between consensual adults, making both feel closer while in the nurturing scene.

Corporal punishment and discipline while in diapers can produce arousal sensations in areas around the diaper, while wearing diapers can be very sensual the introduction of impact play, Over the Knee spanking or bare-handed spanking using domestic implements or fetish impact play toys such as leather paddles or canes.