Adult Baby Regression

Adult Baby Regression Session

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

Adult baby regression involves techniques utilized by Dominant Nannies or Mistresses, through which male or female adults get regressed in physical age to a small child – infant or to a childhood state, which can be fund themselves talking, acting, and thinking according to that child age.

Some adults like being regressed as little infants incapable of talk – stand or eat who needs full presence of their carers or nannies, and being assisted at all the time, experiencing nappy change, bottle feed, spoon feed, cuddle time as well as breastfeed and spending time sleeping in their adult sized baby cot / playpen and crawling around – those are called Adult Babies.

Sissy Adult Baby Regression

Some male adults like being regressed as little girls, as well as other ABs these ones enjoy being forced or not to wear little girls clothes, satin panties, frilly knickers, ruffle socks, tutu skirts and having their names changed to girly ones. Little sissies also like being pacified, drink from a baby bottle, play whit dolls and getting their nappy changed by a female carer.


Others enjoy being regressed as little toddlers, those are little ones too, but like being looked after a nanny or babysitter who treats them softly as well as strict baby sitter.

Sensual regression

Adult Baby sensual regression when adult babies are regressed in a sensual way, and allowed play naughty sexual adult games, with sex toys and being let to masturbate in presence of their Nanny or with the help of her while wearing nappies.

Adult Baby Luna regression

I love being a little girl just as much as I enjoy being a caregiver or a Pro – Mommy, I like wearing little girl dresses and sucking on my pacifier as well as being put into nappies and frilly plastic pants by an adult baby playmate or naughty Daddy !