SPECIAL 1/2 hour £120 ** 1 hour session £160 ** 2 hours £290

SKYPE SESSIONS 10 minutes x £20

Private Fully Equipped Dungeon NEW location BAKER STREET 3 minutes walk

CREDIT CARD payments accepted !

I don’t offer sexual services – only happy ending !

After 10pm my rates may vary

” Best Nanny services in Central London, opened since 2011, when none of the mistresses in UK wanted to offer ABDL services I opened a door to those AB and DL lovers , following my success many ladies started offering adult baby services .. I am glad I’ve encouraged other mistresses to read and understand about AB fantasies ! “

Nanny Luna caters ABDL roles

Nanny Luna caters lots of ABDL roles and all type of age players, adult babies, sissy babies, infantilists, AB littles ones, diaper lovers, little sissy girls, prissy sissies, pansy sissies, plastic lovers, rubber babies, and fur babies and those who have a related AB/DL fetish interest.

I am a professional high skilled role-player and I enjoy all strong female roles as well as switch roles (at my discretion) such as Dominatrix – Mistress – Nanny – Nurse – Disciplinarian, exploring in Adult Baby Girl and Diaper Lover Girl.

With almost 10 years of experience in Fetish and BDSM scene there is nothing better for me than being a full time Adult Baby Nanny and I enjoy being around all sort of AB pets.

I can be the most nurturing caring mommy or the hardesh strict governess you ever met. My adult baby sessions ranges from strict – extreme disciplinarian nanny – mommy to sweet TLC babysitter – auntie or nurse.

Nanny Luna caters all men – women and couples of any sexual orientation and gender identities, including very experienced or newbies – novices who is seeking an adult nursery scene or to engage in diaper fetish play.

I am wide minded, capable to provide a tailored scene that will relieve your stress, satisfy your desires and inner AB dreams.

You can request for Adult baby, Diaper Lover, Adult babies and Diaper Lovers, Adult baby sissy girl, as well as Daddy’s girl ABDL roles.

Double Nanny sessions

Bi Sexual Male Fetish Escort

All major credit cards accepted, payments by chip & pin device.

ABDL roles

See below a comprehensive list of my ABDL roles.