Diaper Lover

Diaper Lover fetishism – diaper service

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

Diaper Lovers = DLs

DLs are just simple adult people that engage in DL role plays and enjoy wearing diapers for sexual pleasure, which causes them a form of erotic pleasure or sexual arousal and are not interested in adult baby plays.

Their fetish is wearing it during the night or at any time of the day, also they enjoy going to public places hiding the diaper underneath of his/her clothes.

Diaper lovers get pleasure just by wearing or using folded and pinned diapers , being forced to it can be a form of coercive, punishment or humiliating experiences which could be pleasurable and linked to Sado and Masochism disciplines.

Some diaper lovers enjoy wetting on their nappies, others prefer keeping it dry and fresh, and most twisted ones like Nanny pee on their nappy and force them to wear it. But it does not means that they like to get involved in child-like behavior.

Adult Diaper Lover girl

I am a AB and of course a Diaper Lover, I like role playing with Diaper Lover boys, and being put into nappies by a male playmate.

I find it highly erotic that a Diaper Lover boy pulls my knickers down,  and I have to lay on my adult baby changing table, to be powdered and put on a diaper and my plastic filly knickers.

When I play with other Diaper Lover, I like to rub my diaper against his, and feel the bulky and crinkly noise of it which gives me a very erotic pleasure.

” Diaper Lover fetishism is commonly mistaken with pedophilia. But Diaper Lovers feel only erotic attraction to diapers, and purely enjoy role-playing exclusively with other adults interested in ABDL fetishism.“