Adult Baby Sissy Girl

 Adult Baby Sissy girl regression

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

There is always a great pleasure having to look after an Adult Baby Sissy girl, specially those very naughty that need to learn discipline and be punished.

I really enjoy dressing adult baby boys as little sissy girls, some of them like it but others need to be forced into it. Some naughty boys deserve to be humiliated by a cruel Nanny – Mommy and be tied up if necessary in order to achieve their adult baby sissy girl regression.

If nanny takes them to adult baby sissy regression they become more docile creatures, into very sweet and gentle AB sissy pets.

When adult sissy girl regression happens all turns very confusing to adult baby boys, as when he is regressed as a infant baby girl he still has an adult boy mind that need to be modified, and he is totally aware of everything that is happening to him.

First reaction might be that he wants to get rid of his girly frilly outfit, as well as his sating frilly knickers.