Adult Baby Sissy Ballerina

Adult Baby Sissy Ballerina treatment

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

 Nappied adult baby sissy ballerina

I get a lot of fun when dressing up a sissy baby boy with pink satin and net ballerina costume, wearing full make-up on consisted of pink glitter eye shadow, pink blush, black mascara and bubble gum pink lipstick.

My ballerina sets are made of long sleeves bright shiny nylon spandex bodice – leotard, stiff tutu skirt of three layers pink net crinolines, pink tights, pink knitted ankle warmers, combined with a pair of pink satin ballerina pointy shoes with matching ribbon ties above the ankle, which can fit any Adult Baby Sissy Girl.

Ballerina Fantasies

Many Adult Baby Sissy Girl always wanted to attend to ballerina classes, or become a real ballerina, but never had the opportunity to it. Then I thought this could be a good idea, of teaching them how to be a ballet dancer or at least to force strong males into ballerina outfits and attend my classes.

My Adult Baby Sissy Girl is dressed in a ballerina attire and forced to stand with her frilly tutu skirt before the mirror. I found that ballerina punishment is very effective and humiliating way of crushing sissy boy’s male ego.

 Adult Baby Sissy Ballerina Husband

A LSBH, is a male forced sissified into little ballerina sissy girl attires and cuckolded by his wife or Mistress.

Nanny likes to humiliate sissies ballerina husbands, chastising the sissy and forcing to watch when nanny is being pleased by her young boyfriend, forcing the sissy whore to perform oral sex, lick her boyfriends cock and ball and swallow his cum.