Adult Baby

Adult Baby infantilism

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Adult babies = ABs

An adult baby is a person who likes to engage in infantilism, role playing as a baby – boy or girl- who enjoys being looked after an adult carer who is going to be in charge.

Adult babies may adopt a passive or submissive role, sometimes being erotic stimulated by wearing adult sized nappies and being regressed by an adult baby Nanny or Mummy.

Some ABs like to engage in a parent-baby scenario including wetting on a diaper, powdered and diaper changed, dressed as a baby, sleeping in a adult baby cot – crib, drinking from a bottle – being bottle feed orĀ Breast Feeding, sucking on a pacifier and crawling on the floors.

Masochistic adult babies may like to wet their nappies, get punished for it, and potty trained. Perhaps get punished for wetting their nappies, spanked, chastised, restrained, send to corner time and being humiliated.

Some ABs like sweet baby talk and being treated with love by a designated mommy – nanny or adultĀ  babysitter, as well as TLC (tender loving cared) bathed, cuddled, hugged, breastfed and nurtured.

Adult Baby Cross-dresser = AB Sissies

Adult babies cross-dressers, often males like to dress up with young girls clothes, and be treated like Little sissy girls or sissy babies, while masochistic individuals may want to be forced to cross dress, or forced to engage with other AB males or dominant men – under the supervision of their Nanny or assigned adult carer.