Adult Babies Diaper Lovers

The true about Adult Babies Diaper Lovers

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

Adult Babies Diaper Lovers are often associated as both are diaper fetishist. The differences between ABs and DLs is that Diaper Lovers do not engage in childlike behavior.

Adult Babies Diaper Lovers avoid real children and we are not related to anything that involves minors, neither pedophilia.

Adult Babies Diaper Lovers share a sexual fetish of wearing or using diapers. AB-DL are just normal people (mature – adults ) who enjoy playing as babies, regressing to a more peaceful time in their lives : their childhood.

Adult Babies just wear diapers, others wet or mess on it. They also enjoy babyish things like sucking on a pacifier, bottle feed, breast feed, wearing little sissy dresses or baby boy clothes.

Diaper Lovers enjoy the benefits of diapers, such as the pleasure of a warm and fresh nappy wear, and maybe wetting on it, as well as the use of plastic pants or plastic covers. Diaper Lovers see the nappies as an erotic object.

” An adult infantilist seeks for an adult sexual partner who treats them as a baby “

Nanny Luna another ABDL

As you may know now, I am the only Nanny in UK that likes to role play as an AB – DL myself ! As a Nanny I’ve discovered the pleasures and benefits of playing with Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers.

The benefits

With ABs I enjoy the joy of looking after a Baby Boy or Little Sissy, being in charge of them and keeping them safe. Teaching them good things and punishing or correcting them when is needed. With DLs, I enjoy more in a sensual or medical way, it allows me to play a different role, such a Doctor – Nurse – Mistress or Girlfriend.

The pleasures

Role playing with ABs & DLs, I discovered the diapers and pacifiers once again, and between games I allowed myself to regress and see the benefits of it. When I regress I am a sweet baby girl, who likes to talk dirty things while sucking on my pacifier, I like to wear a little girl dress with matching panty and frilly socks. I like to lay in my cot and being nappy changed.

Nanny Luna is very open-minded and likes erotic plays between changing times. Some babies enjoy being sexually stimulated by Nanny Luna. But Nanny Luna also respects the wishes of Adult Babies Diaper Lovers with interests that are nonsexual as well.