Adult Babysitter

Adult Babysitter fantasy for naughty AB/DL


SPECIAL 1/2 hour £120 ** 1 hour session £160 ** 2 hours £290

SKYPE SESSIONS 10 minutes x £20

Private Fully Equipped Dungeon NEW location BAKER STREET 3 minutes walk

CREDIT CARD payments accepted !

I don’t offer sexual services – only happy ending !

After 10pm my rates may vary

Adult Babysitter For ABs

I am an Adult Babysitter for Adult Babies who like being cared by an older teenage  girl which is not a Nanny but can look after them while their mum is away. A type of girl who will chew gums and watch porn on the TV, leave them wet on the baby cot, and spoon feed with ugly food, pull their hair and spit on their face .

Adult Babysitter For sissy girls

I am an Adult Babysitter for Little Sissy girls who like being diapered by a sexy woman. For a female who can show them femininity while dressing up as sissy girls. The one who knows that they have cocks but will treat them as little pussies.

Adult Babysitter For DLs

I am an Adult Babysitter for Diaper Lovers who like to be in company of a naughty young girl, who likes them wearing diapers, and those DLs that are not interested in AB scenes, but want to interact with someone that shares their fantasies of being teased while wearing diapers. Someone that enjoy playing adult games in a domestic or BDSM setting rather than an Adult Baby Nursery.

Adult Babysitter For dirty men

I am an Adult Babysitter for those naughty dirty men who like to seduce their babysitter and play sensual tease, but are not interested in age play. And those ones who like the baby sitter being in charge at all the time, manipulating and blackmailing them. Those who dreamed of being hypnotized by a sexy adult teen or school girl and make them to lose control.

Adult Babysitter For kinky couples

I am a Babysitter for kinky couples who love role plays, and bring a girl to their intimate games, who will join them to their dirty play.


All major credit cards accepted, payments by chip & pin device.

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