Adult Baby Governess

Adult Baby Governess Luna

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

I am a traditional qualified, a well instructed Adult Baby Governess, and I take great pleasure educating, training and teaching privately reading and writing young sissy girls, adult baby girls and adult baby boys.

My methods of education are tailored, based in strict rigid discipline to provide the right impeccable schooling to my pupils like in the Victorian Era.

I am a trilingual young beautiful Adult Baby Governess, and I concentrate in the teaching of naughty girls and boys, not their physical needs, but paying attention to their social development.

I normally care for school aged adult boys and girl between the 3 to 16 (not real children – but adult pretending), and often I work alongside a nanny’s help.

Adult Baby Governess Luna’s own style

As an strict Governess I like to be obeyed, admired and worshiped by my school boys and sissy girls.

While performing my duties, I tend to be sweet with docile sissies boys, and extremely cruel with bad mannered naughty boys/girls.

Which I hardly will correct their malicious or insolent behavior with domestic impact implements and with domestic or school discipline.

Public humiliation and degradation often will be used to discipline the naughtiest adult sissy boys and little girls with cheeky defiant demeanour.

As an Adult Baby Governess, my school boys and girls often perceive me as a wicked and dangerous governess with a severe and strict image, capable to provide over the knee spanking at any time and to advocate the use of the slipper over almost any other implement to not leave unsightly bruises.

Some of my favorite punishments are mouth soaping, hairbrush, wooden spoon, naughty corner,  to correct Рteach etiquette and promote good manners and behavior to those adult school boy and girls that I am in charge.