Adult Baby Auntie

Adult Baby Auntie Luna

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

As an Adult Baby carer I often provide Adult Baby Auntie services to sweet naughty adult nieces or  adult nephews that need to be looked after for, from strict to very nurturing adult baby experience.

I always dress up very classy and sexy at the same time, I love wearing black pencil skirts with silky blouses or pimp-up style knitted cardigans, seamed stockings and high heels. These outfits gives me the right look of an Adult Baby Auntie carer fantasy.

An Adult baby auntie is an authoritarian figure but with a more gentle touch as often is very close linked with the adult baby in care. But she can also infringe discipline and punishment if needed be.

Often adult babies or adult youngsters are left under the care of their auntie, when their parents are at work. Adult baby auntie Luna has always time to look after their adult nieces and adult nephews and babysits them, and help them with home work or  put into the adult baby cot with a baby bottle to be feed and to watch naughty cartoons.

When the adult babies misbehave, like it or not, Adult Baby Auntie Luna has the obligation of discipline them for their bad attitude. The most effective punishment Auntie Luna uses, is verbal humiliation to show him the error of his ways, if this punishment does not works either, then she forcibly will put him into a diaper and adult baby girly clothes, as a another way of psychological humiliation.

If the adult baby does not have enough, he will be put in bondage and restraints, perhaps an adult baby harness and get restricted in the adult baby crib with a gag pacifier and a chastity device on.

If you have an adult baby Auntie fantasy to fulfill, Auntie Luna is here in her AB nursery looking hearing from you !