Strict Nanny

Meeting an ABDL Strict Nanny

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

When little boys and sissy girls misbehaved or have been disrespectful I found that trousers followed by pants should be pulled down and a good spanking is the best solution for a strict nanny to discipline and teach an smart mouth.

Strict Nanny administers Humiliation and hard discipline, such as bare bottom spanking, corporal punishment, mouth soaping, hair pulling, ears pulling, as well as the use of domestic or correctional fetish implements which are Nanny’s best tools when it comes to correct a naughty wrongdoer.

Strict Nanny Luna has been practicing CP, caning and strict discipline for almost 10 years, and I have acquired a wide selection of CP implements and domestic items that I find useful for my ABDL Strict Nanny training.

If you have been a Naughty Boy and you seeking help to stay away from the path of wrong doing you should submit yourself to my ABDL Strict Nanny training.

ABDL Strict Nanny Mistress

Being an AB disciplinarian and strict carer is a beautiful job, naughty adult babies and little sissies always needs hard discipline to make them feel loved and cared for. Nanny Luna punishment can be as simple as time out at the corner time, or harsh to severe hand spanking, bare bottom, or paddling. There is an endless domestic and fetish institutional implements at the nursery that can be used to correct misbehavior.

Corrective Bondage

The use of corrective bondage can be as good as healing for adult babies who are not capable of follow nanny orders, the use of bondage bed restraints, cotton ropes, leather wrist and ankle restraints or silk scarfs will ensure that babies are not going anywhere and Nanny has full control over their bodies.