Sissy Baby Nursery

Little Sissy Baby Nursery

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

Little Sissy Princess have a very special place in London to live out all little sissy princess fantasies, being with Mummy’s little Girl at the Sissy Baby Nursery is a great pleasure.

In her Little sissy baby Nursery  Nanny Luna has the largest collection in the entire London of sissy baby fantasy dresses, sissy princess outfits, ballerina tutu skirts and sissy dresses.

Nanny Luna’s AB Sissy Boudoir is plenty of frilly sissy pink smocked dresses, satin knickers, delicious frilly petticoats, colorful petticoats, plastic pants, a nice selection of high heels to fit sizes up to UK15, and little Mary Jane style in black/pink or white leather shoes.

Every week Nanny Luna meets new little sissy babies that come to try all her sissy things, those naughty boys that are liking to become sweet little girls, being trained as little sissy sluts, and taking away all this manly qualities.

Those sissy boys that dreamed of becoming little sissies wearing frilly rubber panties and disposable nappies underneath, and been sent to the play pen to play with other darling little sissies with little dolls and sex toys.

With Nanny Luna all begins at the changing table, where she puts her little sissy girls – once undressed – for a quick sissy genital inspection. During the inspection Nanny Luna measures their little penises and checks their naughty bottoms, if all is clean and fresh nanny proceeds to apply baby powder or baby oils, then to massage their stiff penises and place a nappy on before all gets messy and wet.

Following the nappy change, she dresses her little girls as little sissy pansy princesses and teach them naughty lessons that need to be learn.

If sissy babies are good girls Nanny Luna takes them for a sissy outing to meet other little sissy girls and to interact together.