Adult Baby Nursery

Inside the adult baby Nursery

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

A real AB-DL London Nursery with a real Adult Baby Nanny for ABDL fetishists.

 AB Nursery

Our AB-DL London Nursery is extremely safe, well equipped, organized and clean.

The main Adult Baby Room has a double sized AB crib/cot covered with plastic bed linen and PVC bedspread with matching cushions.

It also features a TV set and computer where we can watch naughty – fetish or sweet Adult baby video films and of course lots of cuddles if the baby needs !

Our Nursery bathroom is always ready for bath-time, where you get to play with Nanny Luna while she puts on different PVC Outfits and get you lots of sex toys to play with, the ones she will use for a nice sensual regression experience.

AB things

We have lots of  pretty AB things that adult babies needs for the daily ab sitting, such as NUK5 dummies and pacifiers, adult baby bottles, adult baby terry nappy pins and lots of baby toys.


Our AB closet

The closet is brimming of baby boy and sissy baby attires, large size adult disposable diapers, plastic rumba pants and frilly satin knickers, adult baby sissy girl dresses, satin sissy boy rompers, leather Mary Jane’s shoes style and ankle socks.

We also have the largest selection of PVC and plastic clothes including dungarees, frilly pants, AB rompers, Sissy AB dresses, plastic aprons and plastic sleeping bags.

We have plenty of disposable printed nappies, terry cloth diapers, AB onesies , cotton onesies, AB T-shirts, AB bibs, sissy ballerina dresses and satin ballerina shoes.

Nanny attires

Nanny Luna has a gorgeous selection of Nanny – Mommy – Disciplinarian – Governess – Nurse – Mistress – Police Officer uniforms for every AB Fetish scenario, from short traditional Nanny attire, plastic nanny aprons, PVC aprons, school teacher or nurse uniform, rubber outfits as well as her own collection of adult baby girl dresses.