Adult Baby Cot

Double sized Adult Baby Cot or Adult Baby crib

During May-June 2021 I am open for business !

Adult Baby Cot in British English and Crib in American English, it is a cage-like to restrict the baby to the bed.

Our adult baby cot is on the main room of the nursery, designed to fit 2 adult babies or even 3 AB players.

Our adult baby cot can be converted to a day bed removing both sides. It is covered with stunning  hi gloss PU quilted square bedspread in bright pink combined with matching pillows, ready to support those naughty AB bed wetters.

Nanny Luna has a pvc changing mat from Cosyndry, that can be put on top of the adult baby when nappy change, or either on the floor to play with the adult babies.

In the adult baby cot adult babies can spend overnights, as it is a double sized cot and designed with bars to attach bed restrains to secure the babies from their wrists and ankles to the Cot.

In the adult baby room Nanny Luna has a portable changing table to change disposable nappies and powered her babies, with a custom made pvc cover with ballerina’s pattern from Cosyndry.

Breast feeding in the AB Cot

All the Mommies in the world love breast feeding their babies.

Breast feed gives Mom and baby a very strong connection of love and great stimulation for both participants.

All babies love being breast feed, and mommies love keeping babies in their arms.