A day at the AB Nursery

As I am the best Adult Baby Nanny, I open my AB Nursery every day, I arrive around 10am and put on my sexy Nanny or Nurse attire with vintage nylons and stiletto high heels. I like to wear just a tiny bit of red lipstick, pink blush, black mascara and keep my long hair on a ballet bun.

After having a cup of hot chocolate, I begin to check the nappies in stock, to make sure we have all the sizes and styles needed for my adult babies. Then if needed I call the nappy store and I order disposable printed AB diapers for my little ones.

Other Nanny’s duties is to make sure all AB clothing and Adult Baby bed linen is perfectly ironed and fresh, smelling nice and ready for my adult babies.

Once the AB nursery is ready, Nanny sits at the computer to read the ab applications and arrange her AB sittings. Then if I have free time I go on Cam with naughty AB boys and I teach them some AB discipline.

I also like AB Diaper Sex Phone conversations, I have lots of baby boys and girls calling from all over the world.. I entertain or teach them lessons when need be.

I offers this option for those AB players that live far away, I want to make all of them happy and if you are looking for a virtual Mommy, don’t wait any longer Call Mommy Luna !


SchoolBoy Academy

In the AB Nursery I have an authentic blackboard and desk with chair for School Boy/Girl discipline, and a range of leather impact implements from The London Tanners, canes and whips, as well as a complete set of adult school boy and girl uniforms to recreate the most authentic Victorian Academy scene.


The Little Sissy Boudoir

Nanny Luna also has the biggest little sissy dresses collection in London, and has an special wardrobe and sissy boudoir for Little Sissy princesses !

Forced Bi sessions

TS Breane is available every day to join me for a Forced Bi session.

Forced Bi with TS-Breane

 Shower Facilities

Our Toilet and shower facilities are very clean and fully sanitized, always available for your refreshment, as well as up to 3 fresh towels for every AB – DL visitor.

Hygiene and safety

The AB Nursery, shower and toilet are always sanitized after every session.

Disposable gloves, disposable nappies , condoms, wipes and tissues are use during our sessions.

All toys are sterilized and covered and protected with condoms before being used.

If you are concerned about hygiene, you are welcome to bring your own toys to play with us during the session, as well as your own clothes and towels.